ALFA Fantasy 2014

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Fantasy Formula 1 and MotoGP: Rules

Your Entries

Each user may pick an entry consisting of ...

up to the designated financial limit. Users may have a maximum of 3 entries for each system. 

Two systems will be in use this year again

System A (Standard Fantasy) - as previous years - 3 entries to get best score

System B (Reverse Fantasy - object is to lose) - 3 entries to achieve the lowest score. Entries will be Nos 4 to 6 - note the Bonus Points below

No user can have exactly the same set as someone else, so it’s a first come – first served system. Hopefully any clash of entries will be very small (due to the high number of combinations), and therefore a change of joker can easily be used to separate users entries. For each entry you have a total of £75M to spend. A printable entry form can be found HERE

Rule Changes

If we didn't change the rules, you would get complacent! No.1 is not really a change, it's a system limitation

  1. A driver is locked to the team at race 1 - if a driver changes team half way, then his/her points will influence the original team!
  2. The points awarded for a team, will now be the average score of the drivers of that team - the team size is set at race 1,(previously it was the highest score of the team).
  3. When there is a wild card for a team you will get extra points (if they all score!)- e.g. Ducati team of 2, + one wild card means score from 3 riders / 2 (declared team size)
  4. Wild cards are added to the team they ride for and are not locked, as their names can be added on a race to race basis.
  5. Because of (2), there will be fractions of points. This will aslo allow us to do half points if a race gets stopped very early.

Hints on Winning (not guarenteed)


  1. Decide which drivers/teams the organisers have underpriced
  2. Pick the ones that will finish
  3. The bonus points for not spending are good value - aim for just over £65M spend


  1. Decide which drivers/teams the organisers have overpriced
  2. Pick the ones that will throw it into the gravel, break a leg, get sacked, etc.
  3. The bonus points for not spending are a killer - aim for as close to £75M as possible

Points system:

Finishing points are awarded using the official final FIA/FIM results for each race taken from either or as appropiate.

For each race, points will be added (Qualifying, Finishing, Bonus, Completion, Improvement and Fastest Lap – see sections below) for ...

Substitute Drivers

When new drivers are substituted during the season, the driver table will be updated with the new drivers, and the pricing will show zero. The substitute drive does not contribute points to the outgoing drivers total, but they are used in the points for the team.

Variable Team Sizes - MotoGP

Where there are more (or less) than the “standard” 2 riders per team, then the price given has already been slightly adjusted to allow for the increased/reduced points potential - less problematic as we are now averaging

Qualifying Points:

Position is the official grid start position at race day, after any adjustments or penalties, following the qualifying. If a vehicle chooses to start from the pit lane (because it is being repaired, etc.), the published grid position still stands.

Position Points
1st 12 points
2nd 9 points
3rd 8 points
4th 7 points
5th 6 points
6 5 points
7 4 points
8 3 points
9 2 points
10 1 point

Finishing Points:

Points for finishing are awarded according to the official FIA/FIM points system. The positions are as posted on the web sites, after any penalties have been resolved.

Position Car Points Bike Points
1st 25 points 25 points
2nd 18 points 20 points
3rd 15 points 16 points
4th 12 points 13 points
5th 10 points 11 points
6 8 points 10 points
7 6 points 9 points
8 4 points 8 points
9 2 points 7 points
10 1 point 6 points
11 0 points 5 points
12 0 points 4 points
13 0 points 3 points
14 0 points 2 points
15 0 points 1 points

Bonus Points:

For every £1m you spend less than your budget you will be awarded 2 bonus points for every race of the season.  There is no facility to overspend.

For Teams 1 to 3 - Only applies up to a maximum of £10m - i.e. a max of 20 points per race

For Teams 4 to 6 - Applies for the full underspend.- i.e. a max of 280 points per race

Completion Bonus:

Each classified finisher (completing 90%-100% race distance) will score 5 points; every finisher completing between 50-89.99% race distance will score 2 points. Only whole laps will be used in the calculation.

Race Improvement Bonus:

One point for every place gained from the official start grid position to the official finish position.

Fastest Race Lap Bonus:

Five points for the fastest lap in the race